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Always striving

to be on the Competitive ej

Competitive ej Massage has earned and sustained a reputation by delivering quality massage and an exceptional working relationship with our clients.


Sports Injury

Individual Massage

Book an uniquely tailored session with a high-quality, experienced practitioner specifically trained to achieve the quality results we are known for. Our therapists use personalized modalities designed to work towards your individual goals.

30 Minutes : $45  •  60 Minutes : $75

90 Minutes : $110


Chair/Corporate Massage

Employee wellness programs are an effective way to provide physical and psychological benefits to your in-house team. Offering on-site massage services for your employees is a great way to provide stress management and keep your employees happy, healthy and productive.


Click below for details/pricing.

On Your Marks

Travel/Event Massage

We can provide massage services for most any athletic event, from a 5K fun run, a golf tournament or an event as big as the Olympics! By having us at your event, you will be providing the specific care that many athletes, athletic trainers, and coaches are starting to expect. Click below for more information.

Soccer Team

Team Contracting

Many teams incorporate massage as part of their weekly recovery programs, working to build the best sports medicine team for their athletes. We work closely with your athletic trainers on a weekly basis to keep all athletes in top shape to perform at their highest level come game time. Click below to get more info about how we can support your team.


About Us

Competitive / kuh m-pet-i-tiv /

Origin from Latin ‘competit’- striven for

Having a strong desire to (win/compete/succeed) or be the best at something.

Ej / edge

Indo-European root shared by Latin acies ‘edge’ and Greek akis ‘point.’

Move gradually, carefully or furtively in a particular direction—give an intense or sharp quality to.

At Competitive Ej Massage we are driven to educate our clients and promote massage as part of their health and wellness regimen. We believe that integrating massage into your regular health and wellness practice can make a happier, healthier you!

We know it’s not just your massage therapist that makes this happen, it’s your entire wellness team including your trainers, doctors, chiropractors and coaches. These are the people who are your support team and make it so you are able to live your life on the Competitive ej and allow you to become the best YOU! Let us be a part of your team. Please contact us with questions, concerns, or comments about what we do or how we can do it better.



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